Shawna Murray

Director of Customer Relations

The saying behind every great man lies a great woman was never more true in her case. Shawna Murray, as the wife of our founder, is where the core foundation of our company begins. Family and values. Jegantic would not have come to be without her immense commitment and dedicated contributions and support throughout the years.

A Sociology and Women’s studies graduate of McGill University, Shawna has been a foundational pillar in the development of Muzique and a core contributor to the brand across all platforms as well. Her current role as Director of Social Media at Bord’Elle and Director of Concierge Services for the brand makes it so that very little of our client relations and branding occurs without passing through her hands. In fact nearly each and every of the 4000 5000 monthly guests received at the Farsides are coordinated through her. As a trusted member of the team and our first shareholder we look towards the future knowing the roots are strong.