4030 St-Ambroise Suite 157, Montréal, QC H4C 2C7


By the ripe old age of 23 John Gumbley aka Jon Jay had either founded or co-owned and operated multiple highly successful business’s. John was the president of a burgeoning music production and marketing firm of his creation, Rawtari records and also planned and created shows and events at the core of Montreal’s hip hop scene.

His label was signed to the Madacy group and distributed through Universal records. It was during this time, while accompanying his artists at gigs across the country, that he found his niche, a place where he could blend his love for music and entertainment with his insatiable desire to create tangible and profitable concepts to bring to the masses. Over the next few years he focused his business acumen and passion on the nightlife scene.

He went on to conceptualize, launch and operate some of Montreal’s most succesful clubs and bars from the years 2001 to present day.

The most notable and successful amongst  these venues are Orchid, Rouge, the Main and Muzique. All of the above were/are landmarks and trendsetting establishments in their respective genres.

At the peak of his nightlife empire John’s establishments welcomed over 400,000 visitors annually and employed over 300 full and part time staff.

During that time he had the honor to work with and/or host a wide range of stars, celebrities, and athletes including Prince, Avicci, Guns N’ Roses, Drake, Black Eyed Peas, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Laid Back Luke, Jamie Foxx, Russel Simmons, Robert Deniro, LL cool J, Jazzy Jeff, Vin Deisel, Cypress Hill and countless others.

Over the last few years John developed a Pizza franchise from two stores to 10 in only 18 months, he helped organize and broker multiple real estate deals and co- founded a hip and exciting specialty travel company named XS Cancun.

All this experience has culminated in Jegantic, a company that he created to administer as well as develop his business interests both present and future. Each letter of Jegantic is representative of what the company is. Simply put Jegantic is John Edward Gumbley And The Incorporated Co-ownership.

With this new company as the umbrella to everything else John now seeks out and is also sought out to create new projects and joint Ventures that accumulate strength and buying power in the industry.

Most recently, along with his wife and some very close associates, a creative agency was created named Orange Tree Media to oversee and develop all the brands in the group in terms of design and social media interactions.

With Jegantic and Orange Tree Media firmly planted John is set to expand, support and create new operations at an even faster rate.

Finally, on December 1st, John is set to unveil his latest creation, Bord’elle Boutique bar and eatery. Bord’elle is a new age take on a supper club that fuses form and functionality with a great Gatsby-esque grandeur of the roaring 1920’s in New York.
Set immaculately in the old port of Montreal this new venue plans to play host for up to 500 discriminating patrons daily.
If it is met with the same passion and fervor as his past projects, Bord’Elle will surely redefine and elevate the scene in Old Montreal, and the city itself once again.