4030 St-Ambroise Suite 157, Montréal, QC H4C 2C7


I’m excited to announce the formation of my new corporation. After years of opening numerous companies, from record labels, to clubs, to restaurants, to bars and beyond I’ve created a one stop co-op to aid others in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams. Individuals can approach me with an idea or a viable business plan and if the stars align I will do my best to create a partnership and bring said visions to reality. In other cases you may get headhunted by my team and offered a partnership in our ever growing co-operative.

Years ago, as a child growing up in extreme poverty, I made a decision I would not become a product of my environment but my environment would always become a product of me!

JEGantic is the culmination of all my efforts, successes and of course the invaluable experience of my failures (honesty, humility and perseverance are among the greatest virtues). If anyone says they’ve never failed, I’d simply say that they’ve never tried hard enough.. As Jay-Z famously said: ”I’m not a businessman, IM A BUSINESS….MANNNNNNNNN!”